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The most expensive briefcases

HighLifeChannel February 6, 2018

Change, they say, is one of the most certain things that occur in this world. For instance, women now working alongside men, is one of the biggest changes that transpired in the corporate landscape. Women wearing pants at work is another example of change.

The corporate male’s briefcase underwent several evolutions before it became what it is today. Back then, it only housed papers, or briefs, hence the term. Today, modern briefcases include sleeves for laptops, documents, and even a port for your music players.

But what has not changed since 1926 is that the briefcase has remained an essential accessory that completes the modern corporate man’s ensemble. Working beautifully in unison with your fancy leather shoes, striking tie, crisp suit, and gleaming cuff links, there is no reason why the corporate man should go to work without a briefcase in hand. Here are the top 10 luxurious designer briefcases for men.

#10 WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, Zip-Top: $450


The only entry in the least priced at three figures, the WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, Zip-Top Canvas Briefcase is all function with less concern for glam. Made of organic cotton canvas and bound by classic leather trim, this briefcase shouts “business only”. This briefcase does what it is supposed to – keep your documents and gadgets housed inside and protected by a tough exterior that will eat coffee spills and ink blots like nuts. Perfect for the modern man who prefers function over fashion.

#9 Fendi, Zucca Ombre: $1,150


Parading black and brown briefcases has been the tradition most men are afraid to break. But if you are gunning to free yourself from the mold and start a trend, you might as well set out with the Zucca Ombre from Fendi. Made from premium canvas, the bag features a brown-to-yellow gradient fade, giving it a burst of color. Trimmed with high quality leather, the Zucca Ombre also comes with a removable/adjustable sling. Can you turn a lot heads without losing that masculine element? You bet.

#8 Gucci, Medium Messenger Bag: $1,250


Gucci’s Medium Messenger Bag is a testament’s of the company’s dedication to produce high end leather goods. Made of Guccissima chocolate leather, quality is certainly a strong point for this bag. Accented by light gold hardware, the Mediuem Messenger Bag does sacrifice comfort and function. The roomy interior features a zip lock and cellphone pockets to accommodate more than just papers. The long strap allows the bag to rest on your hips, which is a great comfort if you opt to let it hang from your shoulders.


#7 Salvatore Ferragamo, Gamma Gancini: $1,550


As the term suggests, the Gamma Gancini-Embossed Computer Case by Salvatore Ferragamo is intended to primarily serve as a laptop carrier. Aside from the laptop sleeve in the bag’s interior, this creation from Salvatore Ferragamo also features a two exterior and one interior storage compartments, zip pockets, adjustable shoulder sling, leather handles, and hardware made of silver. Constructed from Gancini-embossed leather, this bag can take wear and tear like a man.

#6 Tom Ford, Briefcase With Horn Closure: $2,420


A minimalist design packed with the features a corporate man demands from his briefcase, this creation from the world renowned Tom Ford is anything but slick. The interiors are parted with a plush leather panel, which enhances your organizational skills. Made from pebbled calf leather, this briefcase can seriously take a lot of abuse and still provide you with unparalleled performance the next day.

#5 Prada, Beach Scene Saffiano Briefcase: $2,450


While most men want their briefcases to exude an aura of strict professionalism with no hint of fun, Prada begs to differ with its Beach Scene Saffiano Briefcase. Vivid graphics depicting a beach scene on a saffiano leather is not really something most men would find appealing. However, Prada’s creation is more than just a painted bag. It comes with padded leather sleeves for tablets, roomy interior for documents, and other devices. Trimmed with high quality leather and parading rolled leather handles and silver hardware, this bag is perfect for those who do business work in a tropical atmosphere.

#4 Bottega, Veneta Softie Slim Woven: $2,450


You can’t go wrong with a black briefcase, especially if it’s a woven one. Enter the Veneta Softie Slim Woven Briefcase from Bottega. Fashioned from the best black woven leather, this brief case also carries that complete fusion of sophistication and class only a few briefcase makers can rival.

#3 Brunello Cucinelli Leather Portfolio: $2,930


Boasting a design that never goes out of trend, the classic portfolio briefcase crafted by Brunello Cucinelli is something every man should aspire to have. Placing weight on performance over aesthetics, this briefcase is a performer more than a head turner. But just one look at this magnificent creation and one can do nothing but admire and wish they have this in their hands. The Brunello Cucinelli Leather Portfolio Briefcase flaunts a zip pocket in the interior, a couple of open pockets, and double gussets at the side.

#2 Valentino, Rockstud Camo Briefcase: $3,750


If flash is a paramount attribute you want in your briefcase, then the Rockstud Camo Briefcase from Valentino should be an option for you. Its black-based camouflage-inspired exterior will definitely turn a lot of heads and probably break some necks. But more than just the bag’s aesthetic qualities, it also boasts functional features you want in a briefcase. The list includes pen containers, open pockets, and a center snap divider to bring out the best of your organizational skills. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder sling.

#1 Bottega Veneta, Intreccio Imperatore: $3,680


Black and brown are classic hues for men’s briefcases. But if you want to break free from the conventions of briefcases for the corporate world, you got to do it right. With the Bottega Veneta’s Intreccio Imperatore Briefcase, it seems like a hit-or-miss. Sure, it is made of classic leather weave. It has all the components that you want in a functional bag. But parading in a navy blue briefcase is anentirely different story. Either you pull it off or you don’t.


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