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Patek Philippe ‘The Garrard’s 2497′

HighLifeChannel April 6, 2020

Not all watches are created equal, and this is even the case when we are talking about Patek Philippe. Among its rich history, does reference 2497 hold a special place. This perpetual calendar was launched in 1951, together with reference 2499, which also features a chronograph. It took over from reference 1526 and set itself apart from its predecessor by its more lavish and generous styled case, which has a diameter of 37mm.

This gives the reference 2497, even today when larger watches set the tone, quite some wrist presence. For this watch, did Patek Philippe use the new caliber 27 SC with a patented perpetual calendar mechanism. The fact that it features a central seconds hand was a first for a wristwatch with this complication. It adds a prominent object of motion to the dial, as a reminder of the passing of time, which is very appropriate for a perpetual calendar. The rest of the design is rather traditional, with the two windows for the day and the month positioned closely together under the twelve o’clock position, and a moon phase indicator surrounded by the dates. As conventional as it may be, it also gives the watch a timeless sense of beauty as this layout keeps the dial relatively clean in appearance and very easy to read.

What makes this particular reference 2497, created in 1953 and sold in 1954, even more special is that its case is stamped, both inside and out, with the seal of its retailer, Garrard & Co. This London firm is best known for creating the Imperial State Crown, as worn by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 during her Coronation, and which is set with one of the most well-known diamonds in the world, the Koh-i-Noor. It is believed that only this watch features the stamp of this renowned firm, whose boutique can still be found in Mayfair, London. This reference 2497 in its original condition, including a dial which developed a beautiful patina, as a testimony to its rich heritage and the important position that it holds within the history of Patek Philippe.


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