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Patek Philippe Ref. 6301P Grande Sonnerie; The Chime Is Right

HighLifeChannel November 13, 2020

Perfection often looks simple, but it rarely is. This is also the case with the new Patek Philippe Ref. 6301P Grande Sonnerie. The watch is generously sized, measuring 44.8 mm in diameter, yet rather restraint in its design. Close observation will learn that it is rich in detail, as the platinum case has a subtle concave bezel and stunning countersunk flanks. The black dial is also a thing of beauty, as it is made from Grand Feu enamel, fitted with gold Breguet numerals. Interesting is that the traditional gold leaf-shaped hands feature a luminescent coating. It is a subtle detail, but it gives this classic watch a slight contemporary edge while making it more practical as well.

Not that it actually needs it because if there is one watch that keeps you on track with what time it is, it is this one. Ref. 6301P is equipped with both a grande and petite sonnerie, as well as a minute repeater. When the grande sonnerie is activated, every quarter, the watch will automatically chime the hour and the corresponding number of quarters, if applicable. To do so, Ref. 6301P has three gongs at its disposal. In petite sonnerie mode, the watch only strikes the number of hours at the full hour and the quarter at the quarter hours. The switch to select between the two sonnerie types and the silent mode is cleverly integrated between the lugs at six o’clock. The watch is also equipped with a minute repeater, activated by a pusher integrated into the crown. By turning it clockwise, you wind the movement, which has a power reserve of 72 hours, while turning it counterclockwise gives the strikework enough power to run 24 hours. Each of them has a power reserve indicator on the dial.

Patek Philippe Ref. 6301P Grande Sonnerie back

The Ref. 6301P Grande Sonnerie comes with interchangeable casebacks, one solid and one fitted with a sapphire crystal. While the solid platinum one makes the watch even more an understatement, the see-through caseback is too tempting to pass, as it shows the intricate details and superb finish of caliber GS 36-750 PS IRM. This movement is derived from caliber 300, which Patek Philippe used in the Grandmaster Chime. As this movement is wound manually, there is no obstruction to enjoy the hand made anglage or the striking mechanism. The entire movement consists out of 703 parts, all working in unity to ensure that the chime is right.


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