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Zenith Defies Gravity In Transparency With Two New Models

HighLifeChannel November 24, 2021

It is an interesting question to ask; when does Zenith reach its zenith? So far, it hasn’t happened yet, and it is doubtful that it will happen in the near future. Today the brand launches two watches that give a new spin on already existing creations. What they have in common are mouthwatering movements encased in transparency and spiced up with a generous dash of blue.

The first watch that gets this treatment is the Defy Zero G. Limited to just ten pieces, it contains a gyroscopic module that ensures that the regulating device of the timepiece is always in a horizontal position. This allows the watchmakers to calibrate it very precisely for increased precision. While this alone is a treat, having it fitted in a sapphire case makes it even more of an attraction, as this added transparency allows you to admire more of the movement. Zenith opted for a celestial theme for the dial, crafting it from aventurine and using meteorite for the ring housing the hour markers and railroad track. The rest of the movement gets a finish matching this decor. Even the platinum counterweight of the gyroscopic system is shaped and finished like the moon.

With the Defy 21 Double Tourbillon, also limited to ten pieces, is the celestial theme a bit more understated. Here Zenith maintained part of the technical look that is so fitting for a watch that features two tourbillons, one of them dedicated to the chronograph function. When activated, it runs at an incredible speed of 360,000 VpH. This allows for the watch to measure the passing of time with 1/100th of a second precision. The other tourbillon is for the movement itself, and its speed of 36,000 VpH is far from leisurely either. Combined, they make for an incredible watch that is now even better with its sapphire case, which looks stunning combined with the blue and silver theme. Both watches also come with another treat. Their buyers will be invited for a parabolic zero-gravity flight in February next year so that they can truly test their timepieces in the most demanding condition.


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