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Introducing: 2021 Benetti Diamond 145

HighLifeChannel November 4, 2020

The disruption caused due to the pandemic has enlightened a new flame of resilience and might. The Italian luxury shipbuilding company, Benetti, over 145-year old, is known for their excellence, innovation, and complex designs, have proven nothing is stopping them. A new jewel to its crown is the Diamond 145, a 44m superyacht that takes luxury to new levels.  A perfect marriage of Italian tradition and innovation, this superyacht is here to blow minds!

Diamond 145 is a product of the elegant yet stylish designing by Giorgio M. Cassetta and Achille Salvagni. The huge fibreglass hull sides accentuate the yacht’s length giving it an elongated appearance, while the teak, steel and glass bestow unprecedented sophistication. The yacht is designed in a way that blurs the lines between us and the nature with every space on the boat is made comfortable with sofas, dining tables and sunbathing area aft. The spacious 102 square meters Sun Deck and the foredeck pool are some of the highlights you cannot miss!

This majestic boat can host ten guests and a crew of eight plus the captain. The lower deck has five stunning and spacious cabins, while the upper deck has the captain’s cabin. The master suite covers about 60 meters in the bow of the Main Deck. A private bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and office area further elevate the experience. The interiors are furnished with refined contemporary materials to create a symphony complementing the waves with a combination of lighter and darker shades of brown, white and grey, burnished brass, various types of woods, marbles, and leathers.

[MOTOR-YACHT-DIAMOND]-Flybridge Lounging Area-min

The Complex Air Treatment Unit (ATU) has filters to remove dust and water particles and ensures that the air throughout the yacht is fresh and clean by changing it six times an hour. The garage area is entirely separate from the rest of the ship and carries two three-meter jet skis and various water toys.

The 469-tonnes Diamond 145 is powered by two 1,400 HP Man 12V engines, giving it a range of 5,000 nautical miles at 11 knots. The top speed is 15 knots while the cruising speed 14 knots. The integrated Light Bridge console, a carbon fibre structure that makes it lightweight and strong while improving the visibility for the captain and crew. When at sea, the level of silence is quite simply exceptional and puts the boat at the top of its category.


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