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Jacob & Co. Releases A New Timepiece In Honor Of Jean Bugatti

HighLifeChannel March 23, 2022

Today, Jacob & Co. unveils a new timepiece that honors and celebrates the legacy of Jean Bugatti. The watch exudes excellence—from the inside and out—capturing the very essence of Bugatti.

The Jean Bugatti watch is grounded in the rich history of the Bugatti automotive brand, on the heels of the long-term partnership between Jacob & Co. and Bugatti, and tells the story of the eldest son. At the age of 27, Bugatti took charge of developing street-legal cars and race cars that left a mark on the era, like the Type 50 series, the longest of all Type 41 Royale, and the legendary Type 57SC Atlantic—the most expensive collector’s car in the world. Thus, the Jean Bugatti stands as Jacob & Co.’s tribute to Bugatti’s dedication to innovation, unparalleled automotive interpretations, and technical breakthroughs as a creator. 

Jacob & Co. Jean Bugatti

The Jean Bugatti is designed with a classic, retro design meant for the modern era and features a rare advanced movement: calibre JCFM09. Made with a total of 470 precious components, the incredibly high number of components reflects the movement’s dual structure. The complex movement includes a pair of one-minute flying tourbillons, a high frequency, double retrograde chronograph with split hands, and digital jumping 30-minute counter. 

Jacob & Co. Jean Bugatti

Built with extreme precision, the Jean Bugatti has an elegant dial with extensive rose gold appliques, inspired by the 1930’s Bugatti roadster grille. This special edition watch is available with a rose gold case and cream-white dial or a white gold case with a blue dial, which are limited to just 57 pieces.

Jacob & Co. intricately designed this watch to mimic signature elements of the Bugatti, like the dashboard of a collectible Bugatti car and the grille and headlights of a 1930’s coupé from Molsheim.


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