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Lego debuts new sets for the young at heart featuring Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Star Wars and Iron Man

HighLifeChannel July 3, 2020
Lego announced a new line of “Lego Art” — a higher-end building set geared towards adult fans.
The line, available for purchase September 1st, will launch with four themes: Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, Marvel Studios Iron Man, Star Wars “The Sith” and The Beatles.
The pieces, once they are completed, form beautiful mosaics worthy of permanent display.
“Reconnect with your creative side, channel your inner artist and create a beautiful art display you’ll love. Give your personal space or office a touch of the iconic with your own version of your favorite pop art,” the Lego website said of the series.
Each Lego Art canvas set will allow builders to choose one of three or four pieces to create, depending on which set you’re building. Two of them, the Iron Man and Star Wars sets, will offer the builder a chance to create one larger, “ultimate” piece if they’re feeling up for the challenge and willing to buy extra sets, the company says.
The Lego line is showcased alongside the mantra “Listen-Build-Relax”, encouraging builders to work on their respective projects while listening to curated “soundtracks” (also referred to as “Audio Building podcasts”) paired with their specific work of art.
Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe page, for example, features a preview of “The Factory”, an audio piece about Warhol’s backstory, his work and how it made its way into Lego Art. The track fashions this as “a completely new Lego building experience that lets you recreate four different versions of one the most recognized works of the twentieth century.”
For Beatles fans, it’s a chance to create lasting pieces of art while reengaging with their favorite albums and songs of all time.
“Emulate the vibes of the transcendental meditation retreat that inspired ‘The White Album.’ Tap into your creativity, surrender to the moment and build at your own pace, tile by tile,” the site says.
The Iron Man set offers a chance for builders to assemble three different portraits of the superhero. And the Star Wars Sith showcases various faces of “the dark side”.
The Lego Art canvas sets themselves are all recommended for builders 18 years of age and older and can range from 2,933 to 3,406 pieces depending on the set.

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