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Italian art sleuths ‘discover Leonardo da Vinci’s earliest masterpiece,’ complete with tiny signature

HighLifeChannel June 22, 2018

Italian scholars claim to have discovered the earliest known work by Leonardo da Vinci – a previously unattributed portrait of the Archangel Gabriel.

They said infrared analysis had revealed a tiny signature on the jawline of the angel’s face which, when magnified, reads “Da Vinci Lionardo” with a date, 1471.

If verified, it would be the earliest surviving work by the Renaissance genius, as well as his earliest known signature.

He would have been 18 when he painted the portrait which appears on a majolica glazed tile – a popular art form in Europe in the 15th century.

The signature went unnoticed for five centuries becuase it is all but invisible to the naked eye, researchers claim.


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