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Chivas celebrates Manchester United’s 1968 European Cup

HighLifeChannel October 26, 2018

With all the advances in the sports science, I can safely assume very few footballers now warm-up for a Champions League encounter with a whisky. They used to, of course.

Leaf through the ancient autobiographies of yesteryear and you’ll discover some rather jaw-dropping tales of players heading out onto hallowed turf half-cut, often downing a dram of ‘Dutch courage’ in the changing rooms.

Such practice has wisely been ruled out, indeed it’s equally unlikely a professional at the top of his game would wallow in a lukewarm post-match bath with a glass. It’s all ice baths and isotonic drinks these days.

But this shouldn’t stop fans enjoying a luxury moment to celebrate their side’s success, which is why the partnership between whisky icon Chivas and football’s global giant Manchester United, makes perfect sense. Chivas has been working with United all season and for fans, there are few finer blended whisky brands to enjoy if you’re raising a toast or drowning sorrows during the season.

Now the luxury whisky brand has offered discerning drinkers a unique opportunity to own a rare limited-edition expression that celebrates both the distilling and football institutions. Earlier this month the prestigious whisky blender revealed Chivas the icon 50th anniversary limited edition .

The spirit simultaneously celebrates Manchester United’s famous cup victory over Portugese side Benfica in Europe in 1968 and the noble art of blending, containing some of the oldest, most luxurious and rarest whiskies from now lost distilleries.

The whiskies in the blend were hand-selected and brought together for their exceptional richness and fruity character. The spirit is presented in a hand-blown crystal decanter created by expert craftsmen at Dartington Crystal and decorated with a bespoke metal plaque, enshrining the 1968 victory to the bottle’s crest.

Both bottle and whisky display all the detail and craftsmanship that its footballing counterpart will need to display between now and the end of the season.

Only four bottles were produced, representing the four goals scored on Manchester United’s successful night back in 1968. And only one has been made available for public resale, so understandably, this 50-year-old whisky is expected to earn a luxury price tag.

It’s thought the bottle will command anywhere between £20,000 to £30,000, with proceeds from the sale donated to the Manchester United Foundation.

Two of the bottles will be on display, one at the Manchester United Museum, which will subsequently be offered for private sale at an end of season event, with proceeds again being donated to the Manchester United Foundation.

Another will be on display at Strathisla distillery – the home of Chivas in Speyside, Scotland; while the fourth is to be a gift to an exceptional fan of the club.


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