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Kate Middleton is never without these four affordable items in her purse

HighLifeChannel November 27, 2018

There’s no denying Kate Middleton is always the image of primped, proper and poised.

Even with her every step being documented, lamented and captured by thousands of royal fans the world over, the Duchess is never a hair out of place.

Many of us normal folk might be a little embarrassed to admit the contents (and straight up debris) that lies within our handbags. Sure we’ve got our basics: wallets, mobiles, perhaps a backup concealer and lippy.

And then comes the receipts, bobby pins, maybe even a couple of Cadbury chocolate wrappers… ahem.

But Duchess Kate’s bag? Well, we’ve got quite a different picture here.

In fact, the bag (or bags, because Kate certainly has plenty to choose from in her personal collection) hold only four items according to a new book Kate: A Biography by Marcia Moody.

Indeed, each item is crucially important, and make complete sense when it comes to her not-so-normal day job.

First on the list is a compact mirror – fair, we all like to double check our lipstick hasn’t smudged after demolishing a smashed avocado out with friends.

Her next item is a handkerchief, again very practical in case of a runny nose emergency – either involving her or one of her adorable little tykes.

Next up is lip balm – and we can’t blame her. The feeling of chapped lips on a windy day is nothing less than torture.

And finally, the Duchess rounds out her go-to handbag products lists with blotting paper. And while this one is probably not as commonly used among non-royals, it makes perfect sense for Kate to use the product given a shiny forehead stands out loud and clear in photographs, and she’s certainly not shy of featuring in many of those.


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