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Ancient tomb dating back 4,500 years discovered in Egypt

HighLifeChannel May 8, 2019

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient cemetery near Egypt’s famous pyramids in the Giza plateau near Cairo, said the country’s ministry of antiquities.

Wooden tombs painted in various colours and limestone statues were among the treasures found in the 4,500-year-old burial ground.

The oldest artefact discovered is a limestone family tomb from the fifth dynasty (around 2,5000 BC), said authorities.

But perhaps the most prized object is a limestone statue of the tomb’s owner, his wife, and son.

The burial shaft belonged to Behnui-Ka, who had seven titles including those of priest and judge and to Nwi, who was head of state and “purifier” of the pharaoh Khafre, said the ministry.

Ashraf Mohi, director general of the Giza Plateau, said the cemetery was reused during the Late Period (approximately 700 and 300 years BC).

Officials also found painted wooden coffins with hieroglyphs dating from the Late Period.

Egypt has tried to promote archaeological sites hoping to spur tourism, which suffered a major blow since the 2011 revolution.


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