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Hublot Takes The Rainbow Setting To The Next Level With New Big Bang Integral Tourbillon

HighLifeChannel August 25, 2021

In 2017 Hublot was one of the pioneers of the rainbow setting, fueling its increasing popularity. In the last couple of years, they have displayed the power of this concept in a wide variety of different watches. Today they introduce a new high in this field with the Big Bang Integral Tourbillon. Because of the integrated bracelet, the brand now has even more metal to utilize the full-color spectrum of the rainbow. They do so in the most precious way, using baguette-cut stones. As a result, 484 stones, weighing almost 36 carats, decorate these watches.

455.WX.9900.WX.9999 - 455.OX.9900.OX.9999 - Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow

  Hublot is introducing two versions of the watch, one with King Gold as a base material, the other one in white gold. The color makes a significant difference in appearance, although not much of the metal is visible thanks to Hublot’s exquisite invisible setting techniques. The King Gold gives a warm glow, which the brand also cleverly incorporates in the dial by making the hands and micro-rotor from the same material. White gold gives a cooler look, and both metals interact in their own unique way with the colored gemstones. As the watches have a generous diameter of 43mm, Hublot has plenty of space to create a very subtle gradient between the colors, coming as close to its natural counterpart as possible.

While the setting alone makes the watch very imposing, the movement is a gem in its own right. Caliber HUB6035 is made in-house at Hublot’s manufacture and features a tourbillon, as well as a micro-rotor crafted from gold. These elements create a very pleasing symmetry, as the watch lacks a traditional dial. Instead, Hublot is working with bridges made from transparent sapphire crystal, tying in another area of expertise from the innovative brand. This makes the new Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow in every way, next level.


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