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Jacob & Co. Releases The Limited Edition Gotham City Timepiece Inspired By Batman

HighLifeChannel March 15, 2022

Today, Jacob & Co. unveils the first offering of their multi-year partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC: the “Gotham City” luxury watch. Designed exclusively by Jacob & Co.’s Founder and Creative Director, Jacob Arabo, whose ethos is “inspired by the impossible,” this 45.5 mm watch embodies the story of Bruce Wayne in Batman.

The timepiece is available in extremely limited qualities with only 72 pieces existing; a series of 36 in black DLC titanium as a tribute to Batman and another 36 pieces in 18K rose gold in honor of the dual identity of Bruce Wayne.

Like many of Jacob & Co.’s elaborate creations, Gotham City pushes watchmaking boundaries, catapulting it into a new design echelon. Fitted with a hyper complicated movement with twin, flying, sequential, high-speed, triple-axis tourbillons, the Gotham City is a piece of highly advanced watchmaking technology that tells the dynamic story of Batman.

Design details of the Gotham City are dark, angular, edgy and muscular, with symbolic elements of Batman woven throughout—including the case being as light as the Batwing, the shape of lugs resembling the Batsuit, the crown is covered with a rubber band shaped like the Batmobile’s tires, and the indices are black, as pointy and sharp as a Batarang.

From a horological standpoint, this calibre has entered a new level of advancement. It’s comprised of 382 components, with the most notable being the bat-bridge but the most complex being the tourbillons. Each rotates along three different axes, each driving a separate cage. The first, outermost one makes a full turn in 24 seconds, the second one in 48 seconds, and the third one, closest to the 3 Hz balance wheel, in 180 seconds. Compared to the traditional one-minute rotation of a flat tourbillon, 24 and 48 seconds are very high figures, making them ultimate high-speed tourbillons.

As the first timepiece of the partnership between Jacob & Co. and Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC, Gotham City sets the bar high for what is to come. These limited edition pieces begin retailing at $220,000.


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