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Rolex Through Time: A Look Inside The Iconic ‘The Watch Book: Rolex’

HighLifeChannel April 20, 2022

The Watch Book: Rolex, by timepiece expert Gisbert L. Brunner and esteemed publisher teNeues Publishers, is the ultimate collector’s item for the watch enthusiast. A stunning book that holds the rich history of Rolex, the book chronicles both classic and contemporary Rolex timepieces. 

From outlining the history and major milestones of the brand to revealing the evolution of some of the most historic watches like the waterproof Oyster, the Datejust, or the more than half-a-century old diver’s Submariner, the book is a true work of art. Brunner begins in 1905, delving deep into the origin history of Rolex, and ends with some of the novelties from the 2020 and 2021 collections – including the new Oyster Perpetual in a vibrant range of colors. Each page carries the reader through the dynamic, boundary-pushing world of Rolex through the lens of Brunner, who is no stranger to the watch industry.

The Watch Book: Rolex

Brunner has been working with wristwatches, pendulum clocks, and other precision timekeeping instruments for over five decades, and his passion for collecting chronographs has led him to write more than twenty books about every aspect imaginable in the industry. Impressively, The Watch Book: Rolex holds over four hundred photographs and is a trilingual edition with expert texts in German, English, and French. 

Detailed and designed with extreme precision by teNeues Publishers, The Watch Book: Rolex has become a collector’s item, where discoveries are made every time it is opened.


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