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The world’s most expensive motorbike

HighLifeChannel June 27, 2018

You occasionally see old sports bikes that have the rev counter and speedometer mounted on the fuel tank rather than on the handlebars. That arrangement looks striking enough nowadays, but it is as nothing compared to the extraordinarily engineered features on the petrol tank of this customised Harley-Davidson.

This one-off motorcycle is a collaboration between the Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer and the Harley-Davidson specialist Bündnerbike. The Blue Edition is based on a Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S, but the finished machine is quite unlike any bike you have ever seen.

A team of eight people spent a total of 2,500 hours creating a machine that has a set of glittering features that would be more at home on a superyacht than a motorbike. The engine is lit from within by heat-resistant LEDs, giving a glittering view of the gold-plated throttle valves. But the craziest feature of all is visible from the cowhide saddle as you look down on the fuel tank.

Underneath an armoured glass dome on the left side of the tank is a retractable safe containing a six-prong Heaven solitaire ring with a 5.40ct diamond by Bucherer Fine Jewellery. In the other side of the tank is displayed a custom-made Carl F. Bucherer watch based on the Patravi TravelTec II. The watch holder, housed in a cage made from silicon rings, also serves as a winder, keeping the watch fully wound even when the motorbike is not being used.

There are further diamonds in the handgrips and in the forks, and the bike will also be supplied with a second Carl F. Bucherer watch. That watch carries design elements of this custom Harley on the dial so that, Bucherer says, “even when not riding the motorcycle, the buyer will therefore always have a piece of the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking at his or her side.”

The one-off bike – the latest addition to the Bucherer Blue Editions collection – is on sale for 1.89 million Swiss francs (£1.4 million) making it reportedly the most expensive motorbike ever made.


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