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HighLifeChannel June 13, 2019

Jewellery brands are becoming increasingly conscious of enviromental and ethical concerns  raised in regards to sourcing diamonds, gold and gemstones. Iconic brand Swarovski and film star Penélope Cruz are working together to pave the way to making jewellery sustainable, without forfeiting luxury design.

This June, Academy Award-winning actress, activist and humanitarian Penélope Cruz has launched her latest Fine Jewellery collection with Atelier Swarowski at Harvey Nichols. The recent 13 piece jewellery collection is an inspiring model of what conscious luxury should look like, as the company claim only responsibly sourced materials have been used.

The ‘Swarovski by Penélope Cruz’ fine jewellery collection is made with Swarovski Created Diamonds, created gemstones and genuine gemstones set in responsibly sourced gold. The new designs comprise of drop and stud earrings, a necklace, a pendant and rings, and include blue created sapphires, created diamonds, red created rubies and fair-trade gold.

Cruz wanted this latest collection to be more “vintage” and “classical” and we think the actress has done exactly that.

Penélope Cruz affirms that sustainability is right at the heart of the new jewellery range:

“I feel like I am very lucky and privileged to be part of this project because what Nadja Swarovski says, she practices, it is not just words, she strives towards sustainability every day in her life and I am very proud to be sitting next to her. I have been learning a lot from her. She is very inspiring. It’s not just about the collection and the design, what I value the most is what I am learning, especially from Nadja Swarovski, about sustainability and different ways of doing things. What she is doing is very inspiring and she is challenging other brands to do the same.”

Executive board member Nadja Swarovski also adds: “We are trying to demonstrate that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. In the past there was such a perception that these two don’t, that the two cannot coincide, but actually we are really trying to demonstrate the opposite.”

In 2018, Swarovski continued to expand its sustainable materials to include:

  • Swarovski Created Diamonds
  • Swarovski Created Gemstones
  • Swarovski Genuine White Topaz sourced from Rondonia, Brazil and Sri Lanka
  • 18-karat Fairtrade Gold

Atelier Swarovski’s ‘created diamonds,’ or in other words lab-grown diamonds, share the same properties and look the same as naturally occurring diamonds – but the jewellery brand claims the innovative diamond formation process has a much lower environmental impact than mining diamonds in the ground. A rough crystal is grown in a laboratory and the formation and crystallisation process is accelerated to create a natural diamond.

In their latest sustainability report, Swarovski state that since 2010: they have reduced energy consumption in their manufacturing and production locations by 26%, lowered carbon emissions by 59% and 70% of water used in their operations is recycled. Furthermore, in 2015, an alliance was created between eight of the world’s most iconic luxury jewellery brands, Swarovski included, and The Coloured Gemstones Working Group was formed. This was all initiated to inspire positive environmental impact and to improve the supply chain of coloured gems.

Swarovski is continually working towards lowering its environmental impact  and seems to be continuing to evolve its approach to sustainability. Transparency and sustainable supply chains are key to contributing towards jewellery brands’ reduced environmental impact. The industry still has a long way to go but we would say Atelier Swarovski’s efforts suggest a step in the right direction.


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