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Naomi Campbell Celebrates Her Birthday in Grand Style

HighLifeChannel May 26, 2020

Naomi Campbell just turned 50, and while the supermodel couldn’t throw herself a lavish bash to mark the milestone, she threw herself a glamorous affair nonetheless. She took a moment to thank all of her followers for the birthday wishes—and posted an image of herself surrounded by colorful floral arrangements and lounging underneath a chandelier in her sheer robe with white embroidery all over it. While she couldn’t dress up to go out, she could dress up to stay in. When one thinks of Naomi, the word glam comes to mind, and this unexpected fashion moment proves she can’t help but exude sophistication in all aspects of her life—whether that be the red carpet or the living room.

The elegant photo was paired with a gracious and emotional caption. Campbell thanked all the “amazing people in my life,” especially those who have stood beside her during her recovery from substance abuse, and her mother. “I’m so thankful to have amazing people in my life and grateful for all 50 of my years on this beautiful planet,” Campbell wrote. “I honestly did not think I would get here, for those of you who endured me through thick and thin, the ups and downs, for my recovery family, who keep me on the straight and narrow, who stand discreetly by side [sic] I am eternally grateful. My journey so far has been extremely colorful, always reminding myself I am a work in progress, growing and learning every day.” At 50, she’s never looked better.


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