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Gibson Leo Scala Super ’58s: 10 Flying V exclusive one of kind models

HighLifeChannel April 6, 2022

Gibson’s new Leo Scala Super ’58s are Flying Vs from the company’s Master Artisan Collection. 10 models in total. With variations on the Seraph, Classic Hybrid and 777 Flying V.

Leo Scala Super ’58s

The concept was hatched up by Gibson Brand President Cesar Gueikian when he met Leo Scalar at his Los Angeles workshop, along with Gary Kramer, the founder of Kramer Guitars. Together they thrashed out a plan to work on their take on a reimagining of the ‘ 58 Korina Flying V. . These Master Artisan Collection  Leo Scala Super ’58s are ten one-of-a-kind Flying Vs.

Gibson Leo Scala Super '58s

Gibson Vault

Some of the models aren’t being sold and are instead going straight into the Gibson Vault. Though you can but some of the models, though you’ll need to call Gibson to enquire about doing so. Specifications are all high end and include solid Korina bodies, and Brazilian rosewood fretboards. Plus, lots of bespoke hardware, and detailing.

Gibson Leo Scala Super '58s

The Devil is in the details

Leo Scalar is the kind of luthier that starts with pickup winding and creating the smaller details. For instance you may spot some skull emblazoned knob on a few of the models. Along with custom etched pickguards on the Seraph model. Each model has a single custom wound Retrophonic humbucking pickup, along with a Dogear pickup surround.

777 White

Master Artisan Collection

These guitars are all the top end of what a brand like Gibson can achieve when to puts it mind to to. They are not going to be regular models, and they certainly will not be affordable to the average musician. Hopefully, some of this style will filter down over time though. It would be interesting to see what Gibson could do on a larger scale with type of bespoke designs and details.

Bespoke etched custom pick guard and hand wound pickup

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