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Mick Schumacher, a day in dad’s Ferrari

HighLifeChannel October 7, 2022

Not a day like any other for Mick Schumacher, who drove around Fiorano in the F2003-GA, the legendary Ferrari single-seater that will be auctioned off in November.

“It is impressive to have driven this car,” explained the son of the seven-time world champion. “It is part of one of the most successful years, and I had already had the opportunity to test the 2002 one in the past. Now I have driven this one, and in small steps I will also get to the 2004 one. Each time is a great pleasure for me and my love for the sport. You can imagine how great it was to be able to get into the F2003-GA with the roar of the V10 engine pushing you from behind. It was fun to be able to drive it, although it was ‘sad’ to be able to do it only here and not on a bigger circuit, but I jumped at the chance.”

“In 2003 I was only 4 years old and I don’t remember much, which is a shame because I think that period represented the top of our sport. The cars had the best sound and were the most beautiful to drive, so I would have loved to drive at that time. This car belongs on the racetracks, not in museums to be looked at, it needs to be driven. Now it is 20 years old, it is an ‘old lady’ that has to be treated in a certain way to be driven on the track. The biggest difference between these cars and today’s cars is first of all the weight, I didn’t feel the speed in the slow corners as much, but the aerodynamics are still impressive. Back then there were elements like traction control, but again it is the driver who makes the difference. I then love the sound of the engine, and that is what this car has compared to the turbo era, which will probably remain so. In any case, I still have hope that it will come back, so I hope to have the sound of the V10 back someday.”


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